Are You Struggling With The Amount Of Data Your Team Reviews Each Year? AuditMap Can help! 

Integrated Workflows

Public sector auditors must go beyond their daily tasks to ensure that the safety and privacy of citizens is undisturbed. 
With AuditMap, consolidated data means quantified coverage.


Audit Planning

Review risks and risk trends of other departments and programs to capture lessons learned and potential coverage gaps.


Understanding the uniqueness of your audit universe requires depth of knowledge and experience. Let the AuditMap team integrate your universe in our platform’s automated workflows.

Verifiability And Assurance

Our artificial intelligence models are designed to work in conjunction with modern auditors, not replace them. Humans will always have the final say on every risk identified.

Risk-Based Audit Planning

What risks beyond your master risk register recur every year? What areas of your organization have not been audited recently? All these questions are manually intensive and burdensome. With AuditMap, support your planning activities by qualifying and quantifying your historical risks and audit coverage gaps. Dynamically build your risk register by retrieving and filtering historical issues and threats to your organization and to your services

Be Ready for
Your Next Audit

 Upload & Analyze

Your team uploads your audit reports and other documents to the platform. The AI engines then analyze every sentence to flag key sentences.

Identify & Categorize

The system pinpoints risks, controls, and recommendations within your reports for you to review. Evaluate risks and controls against industry best practices.


Engage & Export

Condense and share the most urgent findings identified to inform stakeholders. Discover red flags that require corrective and preventive actions. 

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