Review Your Data With Artificial Intelligence using AuditMap for Banking. 


Where’s The Risk?

Your organization relies on you for understanding and managing all of the risks within your financial institution. 
Cybersecurity and fraud need to be top of mind at all times.

Consolidation and total review

The banking risk landscape is changing fast, and Internal Audit is hard-pressed for resources and competencies to meet the assurance demands of its stakeholders. Additionally, rapidly changing teams leave poor knowledge transfer within the organization.

By consolidating all past reports with the ability to identify key sentences provides the ability to review a function or department in a matter of hours. New team members quickly learn from past insights the key areas of concern while navigating the trends of new emerging threats.

Emerging Trends And Corporate Governance

The audit function is historically seen as a cost to the organization from the eyes of other departments.

The ability to identify risks and improvement recommendations from previous audit reports can then be shared with the various management teams within the organization.  The internal audit function can now be seen as being more in sync with corporate strategy by assisting and supporting (not hindering) all of the teams, as they are now told about all past opportunities for improvement.

Identify Missed Areas Of Concern

While many areas of concern historically always take priority, emerging and atypical risks may be missed as less interesting functions could be left unaudited out of habit.

The quantification of identified risk count against relevant documentation allows for a clear historical coverage gap of all past audits. Changes in the number of risks and relevant documents (per year) will advise auditors on recommended levels of effort for better outcomes.

A Risk Insights Platform

The AuditMap platform analyzes all of your uploaded documents for risks and objectives to help you plan, conduct and review all of your audits.

Cloud & On Premise

We offer Cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment solutions for ensuring document safeguarding, giving you true peace of mind.

Proprietary AI Engines

AuditMap relies on the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing to identify risks, controls and objectives.


AuditMap can be deployed on single-tenant instances with Role-Based Access Control, encryption-at-rest and access tracking.

Powerful Search

Topics, entities and industry-standard risk management frameworks can be used with your custom audit universe.

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